Dental Magnification – Loupe in Murray Hill & Rockefeller Center, NY

A loupe (pronounced loop), is a type of magnification device used to see things one is looking at more closely. In this respect, they are simply a form of a modified microscope, allowing the dentist to be able to better apply the phenomenon of microscopy to his or her trade.

Our dentists use binocular loupes with a self-contained light source to better scrutinize the entities within our patients’ mouths in order to make a better diagnosis. For example, it may allow for more precise determination of how far a crack proceeds along the surface of a tooth. Loupes are also used in order to perform on a more precise level; while dentists drill teeth on a millimeter scale, magnification can enlarge the dentists’ view of the teeth, making it easier to inspect teeth for decay and/or see things that ordinarily would not be seen without magnification.